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By customfiber8562155, Oct 4 2017 03:28PM

Just a quick reminder to all of our customers and public in general that we now offer the 15' x 6' hard topsfor houseboats as well as the 14' x 6'.

We can make you any fiberglass awning or cover on any size upon request to accommodate all of your needs.

We are also offering seamless fiberglass houseboat roofs if you decide to get away from all the yearly maintenance that the average roof needs. just call us

just come visit us at the shop and we can show you our new fiberglass creations as we are continuously adding new products to our production line.

our variety of products consists of pretty much anyhting made out of fiberglass, and if we don't have it, we can make it for you.

Also, remember that winter time is coming, we can make sure that your boat is winter ready and take care of any fiberglass or gelcoat repairs that you might need. No job is too small or too big for us.

By customfiber8562155, Apr 22 2016 01:10PM

We at Custom Fiberglass Works are currently working on manufacturing 4' x 8' x 3/4" fiberglass panels with a design printed on them that can be used for TONS of aplications.

after coming with the Idea of using them on my own house boat as deck boards, we started to see that there are TONS of other aplications that these panels can be used for.

the biggest catch or the most amaizing thing about these boards is that normally a regular plywood board 4' x 8' x 3/4" weights about 68--75 Lbs, and we at Custom Fiberglass Works designed these boards on a way that they only weight around 22--25 Lbs and they are as strong as your regular plywood boards and they are fiblerglass so you dont have to worry about them rotting. They will be hitting the market soon, just working some of the final details on them.

we will be able to make them for you on ANY color or custom size to fit your needs.

By customfiber8562155, Jan 19 2016 06:19PM

To all of our value customers and friends that follow us on the website or other different media, just want to remind you that as much as we need the rain, the wet conditions are setting us way behind on a lot of the jobs that we had on our schedule. we will perform work on your boat/project on the order that it was put on the schedule; we completelly understand that most of these jobs should of being completed by now but unfortunatelly there are alot of things that we can not complete due to the weather. we hope all of our customers understand the situation and we will complete your job in a timely manner.


Miguel Correa.

Custom Fiberglass works,


By customfiber8562155, Oct 27 2015 12:56PM

Just want to thank all of our customers for making Custom Fiberglass Works the place to come for all your custom fiberglass needs.

By guest, Jul 31 2015 09:44AM

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